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Betsy’s Blankets collects new blankets and bedding to provide warmth and the feeling of comfort and security to those who need it most.

Who We Are: Welcome


To provide warmth and comfort to those who need it most.

Who We Are: Welcome


Betsy's Blankets partners with other nonprofit organizations to provide the recipients served by those organizations with blankets and bedding. 

Blankets and bedding are provided to Betsy’s Blankets by donors who give during a local drive or send directly to our organization. Donors may shop our wish list, purchase blankets on their own, or make blankets to donate. Blankets and bedding are also purchased wholesale or at a volume discount using monetary donations made to Betsy's Blankets. 

Who We Are: Welcome


Blankets and bedding are distributed by Betsy’s Blankets to organizations that serve:

  • Children receiving a bed for their first time 

  • Children who have experienced trauma 

  • Children and families living in poverty

  • Children in the foster care system

  • People experiencing homelessness 

  • Shelter animals

  • Cancer patients

Who We Are: Welcome
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