We partner with the following organizations to deliver new blankets and bedding to those who need it most.

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A House in Austin

A group of parents, caregivers, professionals and neighbors that believe in empowering each other in the most challenging task given to us — raising our children. They desire to nurture and strengthen the bonds in families and be supported in all they do. A two-generational approach addresses the needs of parents and children to improve outcomes for the whole family.


By the Hand Kids Club

By The Hand is an after-school program that takes kids by the hand and walks with them from kindergarten through college, loving and nurturing them—mind, body and soul. They serve more than 1,600 kids from Cabrini-Green, Altgeld-Murray, Austin and Englewood, with property in North Austin to begin serving there.

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Common Pantry

In 2017, Common Pantry celebrated five decades of providing emergency food and social services to our neighbors in need. Common Pantry, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit food pantry, was founded in 1967 to combat hunger and food insecurity in specific north side neighborhoods in Chicago.


Deborah's Place

Deborah's Place is Chicago's largest provider of supportive housing exclusively for women and is recognized as an innovative leader among homeless service providers locally and nationally.


Digs with Dignity

Digs with Dignity's mission is to elevate the lives of those transitioning from homelessness by filling their houses with everything that makes a comfortable, dignified home. As a 501(c)(3), Digs with Dignity partners with Chicago-based social service agencies to identify those in need and utilizes a warehouse of donated and refurbished furniture and home goods to outfit homes. They work with a variety of individuals and families that may include domestic abuse victims, veterans, those who have experienced a sudden job loss or those dealing with extreme health situations.


EveryMom Chicago

EveryMom Chicago is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that connects expectant mothers in underserved communities with the material and support resources for the critical (and challenging) early weeks of parenthood.

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Friends of the Children

Friends of the Children have redefined the youth mentoring field by creating the first and only long-term professional mentoring program in the country. The "Friends" are experts in building sustained and nurturing relationships with youth. They specialize in working with youth who have faced a lot of adversity.

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Healthy Hot Free Meals

Healthy Hot Free Meals focuses on making the maximum positive effort for the community. They started their free restaurant over the last year to help those in need and feed around 600 people per day! They not only provide free food, but also hotel rooms and other resources to people experiencing homelessness. And, they employ people who were formerly homeless to help them get a leg up.

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Hope Chicago

Hope Chicago is a scholarship-focused non-profit designed to provide students and their parents/guardians with the support they need to graduate from college debt-free. We provide some of these students with comfort packs to support their college dreams.


House of the Good Shepherd

Founded in Chicago in 1859, the House of the Good Shepherd has opened its doors and hearts to women and children who face unimaginable trauma and fear. Our holistic transitional housing and family violence recovery programs empower women and children to leave behind the cycle of violent homes, step out of poverty, and embrace a future full of hope and independence.

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Humble Design

Humble Design serves individuals, families, and veterans emerging from homelessness by transforming empty houses into welcoming homes using donated furniture and household goods.

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I Grow Chicago

The mission of I Grow Chicago is to grow Englewood from surviving to thriving through community connection, skill building, and opportunity.


Lead with Love

Lead with Love is a nonprofit community outreach organization, providing a safe space for young people looking to take action and serve their community. They strive to actively address injustices prevalent within disinvested communities with a focus on education, physical health, mental health, and exposure/employment.


New Moms

At New Moms, young moms, 24 and under, take powerful first steps toward economic mobility and family well-being.  They partner with families to construct the foundation of well-being by strengthening core life skills, incorporating early childhood development supports, building pathways to and preparation for education and employment, and expanding positive social networks and access to community resources.

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Paving the Way Project

The Paving the Way Project, Incorporated, is a 501©3 non-profit, community-based outreach program for violence prevention and intervention.  In addition to providing services to victims of gang violence, the Project also advocates for community resources; nurtures relationships to increase community revitalization and resilience; fosters agency collaborations, and conducts community outreach and educational forums to support families victimized by gun violence, trauma, and other prevailing community concerns.

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Vista Del Mar

Located in Los Angeles, Vista Del Mar serves the changing needs of all children and families in their community by offering high-quality treatment programs for children with significant emotional, social, learning, and developmental disabilities.


In need of blankets?

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