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Supporting Moms and Their Babies with New Moms

October 9, 2020

Becoming a mom for the first time brings so many new challenges. Doing it on your own and while living in poverty is not how this important time of your life should begin, but it’s the unfortunate reality for so many women. Thanks to organizations like New Moms, women in these circumstances can get job training, housing, and other family support services to help them and their babies get on their feet and thrive.

Betsy always loved giving baby presents - you could be someone she met once years ago and if she heard you had a baby, a gift would show up one day for that little one. Just like how she always loved gifting blankets too - she loved knowing someone would wrap themselves in that blanket and feel a warm hug surrounding them. We’re so happy we can continue Betsy’s giving to babies and moms by spreading warmth to the ones who need it the most.

Betsy's Blankets has started to provide New Moms with crib sheets, baby blankets, and blankets for the moms to help them feel warm and loved. We will be supporting them every month with these items. Please help us spread the warmth to these moms and babies by making a donation or shopping our wish list.

Supporting Moms and Their Babies with New Moms: News
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